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You jump up and down, and say I feel. But of course, if you were a real person living in the real world, you would not really be able to feel all that super cool stuff you feel. You would probably feel kind of weird about feeling something like that. It is also possible that your brain just simply did not like your feelings. Anyway, it does seem that there is some fun to be had if you get the ability to feel. You can also do this with the words I like. Because they come out sounding slightly different in your head. Your test subject is a blank piece of paper and you sit in the chair facing it with your hands folded. Then, you slowly turn your head until you are looking at your friend. Until you get an okay, you give them money in exchange for the ability to get free tickets to see the band. It is a little strange because it feels like you know your friend without really talking to him or her, but then if you could really know someone without talking to them, you would know a lot less. But then something else comes to mind. The more you think about this headache, the worse it gets. It is just a headache, so you think that whatever is causing this headache must not be the best. You try to shake it off and go on with your life, but then you think that maybe you should go with your friend to the concert so you can get some answers. You think This is crazy, but let me go. You then start to feel the head pain and it gets worse with every thought. You are in an abandoned house with a broken down wall and a broken down door. It looks like a home from the old days, but there is no electricity or running water. The walls have dried up cracks in them and you can only guess that the home is pretty old.

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