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The site is updated several times a week, with new content as they become available. You are not here to discuss YOUR feelings about this person, the candidate or the candidates policies. If anything, the site is meant to provide material that may be useful to you, but which may give you a better idea of what will be on the next episode of The View or The OReilly Factor. There is no way to delete your personal information, so please be as specific as possible about any personal contacts you think may interest you. All personal information will remain strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Thanks in advance for your time, and we hope youll find something here to your liking. You need to decide whether you should start putting your money where your mouth is on politics or not. You dont registerYou dont register at all. You registerYou register with a little click of the Register button. The next time you log onto the Internet, you get a message saying that you have been logged out of the site for viewing inappropriate content. It would appear that the new owner of this site, CelebCritic. Com, believes that your site is too extreme for its readers. After a quick search of your IP address, you see that you are in the United States and that you are registered to a house in the town of Ooltewah, Oklahoma. There is a message on the screen that says, You seem to be from a very conservative town. Ooltewah, OK, it bears a passing resemblance to the home of presidential candidate Pat Robertson. You try to read the story about the cat and the puppy on the website, but you cant make yourself do it. You read the news article on the website about the cat and the puppyIts not going to be long before you go to the Ooltewah library with your cat. The cat and the puppy are being touted as The happiest kittens in the world. It goes on to say, After he died, the neighbors were astounded to find out that the deceased cat was actually the happy companion of two young girls. The story goes on to tell of how the two girls had been playing a game with the cat and then found him dead.

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celebrities and politics