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The group then proceeds to play a game of Who can be the first to say something nice about someone. You manage to get one of the most positive things said about the planet by the group. They proceed to say that there are a bunch of people who are really loving this game. You dont care what the world thinks of youYou dont care what they do. You just want to live in peace and dont want to bother anyone ever again. You decide to stay in your bunker and continue to think of ways to not deal with a world that considers you a threat. You stay in the bunkerYou stay in your bunker and continue to not make any more noise. You begin to do your reading and studying and think that its all useless though because the world will soon come knocking on your door. You eventually hear a knock and enter the bunker. You see a man wearing a suit and holding a clipboard and a pen. I dont know what youre doing up here, but your planets already been taken care of and taken care of well. Were here to say we want to help. You explain your predicament which includes a bunch of data you have on the planet and about the people who live there. I think Ill let you know when we have something for you. I mean that we arent selling you any things sir, the only thing we are selling is this earth. What else could I do to get help, besides staying here. Weve only been here a little while and we havent been able to find anything else for you. If the people do sell some of their earth to you then they will be able to give you something better than this earth. A little more time passes and you hear a knocking on your door. A womans voice asks if there is anything you could do to help her. She tells you that she wants to leave her home and has come to your house because she wants to get out of the city. You told her that the city is already taking care of her. She says something about that you have some things to sell and that she wants to get a car. She mentions that she wants to sell you her house and you tell her to come in your building.

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