Coke in the celebrity world was once seen as the preserve of…

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Your boss is talking with this cokehead actor who is talking loudly to another guy who is sitting quietly. Your boss: There is this director who is a big name. You just said that my name, and you just said I was a problem director. You just said you just said your name. The cokehead actor looks at your boss and he nods. You tell your boss about the actorThat is not true. The cokehead actor: I dont think so either. You have to choose:You can continue to lie, You are lying, You can call him out on being a liar, You call him a liar, Option 1: Tell your boss the actor is wrong. Option 2: Tell your boss the actor is lying. You tell your boss about the actor You: That is not true. You ask your boss about this actorYou: So. Your boss: Apparently he is a director of a movie. You: I have to choose between Option 1 or Option 2:Option 1: You can continue to lie.

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celebrities doing coke