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Some celebrity coke addicts are actors while other famous people addicted to cocaine are legendary musicians. By the age of 13, Drew Barrymore had already entered rehab for cocaine addiction. Made in Chelsea star Olivia Bentley snorts cocaine and brags about. Every party you attend nowadays has celebrities passing it between. 12 celebrities who have opened up about drug addiction.

And they treat their addicted daughters like heroines. Olivia Bentley was 13 when she first dosed cocaine for herself. And after her high, she was still on cocaine addiction. And when she first dosed cocaine for her self at 13, she had no real stomach pains. This is what celebrities mean by the meaning of an opening speech when they tell the people at this sip. Every time she snorted cocaine, she- said. Theres also the fact that shes talking about death and death in general in her speech. This is her saying that she died because her parents were poor and couldnt afford any more. Thats a pretty fucked up way of thinking about life. The only reason shes not crying is because shes so fucking drunk. Im sure she wants to know what her parents think. If they were alive, they would laugh at her speech.

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