CLEVELAND, Ohio The Buckeye state has no shortage of celebrities…

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Somebody making money doing something important. We did it for a month and then they told us to fuck off. We just had enough and were really mad at them. Sit around all day, all night selling people a shitty song or two when all I was doing was trying to make a living and I was treated like shit for trying to do just that. It was the worst week of my life and it was all thanks to that shitty job. We are what we are and no one is anything else. You dont think you were the only one who let out a yelp when the Writer disappeared, but youre sure that this was the only time youve ever been that scared of a ghost before. You try to sit up but end up falling backwards onto your rear end. You stand up and look around but cant figure out where the hell you are. Something isnt right in that house, its probably haunted. You head to the bathroom and check yourself out. Well, Im the only one here, I guess Ill get the hell out of here. You think to yourself getting a little concerned. You turn on the light and find that youre not alone in the bathroom. You say, quickly turning off the light as best you can before the ghost comes to get you.

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celebrities that live in ohio