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Are you really so naive as to believe youre not going to get some of that stuff from the fans of such a despicable person. Its bad enough that they are willing to pay good money for it, but the fact that youre doing this so openly is just stupid, and Im going to tell you why. When you look at the posters that this business uses as a front, and see a picture of me or one of the other girls, and you see their breasts, they are all fully exposed. These fans are all fans of breasts, and their fantasy is usually a pair of big, firm, natural breasts. If they could literally put their hands inside these girls clothes and feel them and rip them apart, they would be in heaven. Then, they would see me and think, This is what these girls would look like without clothes on. In other words, you got a problem with our business model. Then take it up with the fan who is literally going to get his hands inside the girl at the show, not me. But, if youre upset about this, then heres what you can do. Why, Ive been doing my best to keep an eye on you. By keeping a close eye on all the people youre meeting and talking to. You cant have someone like me coming in here and interfering with your life like this. I was on vacation for about two weeks, but I came home today to see how you were doing. I mean, you didnt come to check up on me, so you werent home, but I was just in the neighborhood when I heard about the show you were doing. I figured you might need someone to keep an eye on you. Its a good thing your son is so good with a camera as well. He could have posed for some pretty photos for me. Well, I wont allow anyone to get in the way of your business, but it really isnt fair that you keep coming here. Its not just me either; I should be able to do this from my house. I mean, why do I have to come here whenever I want to film the show. You say It gives me a bad name. Ive given lots of reasons for why this business is bad for everyone except for the performers, but I cant seem to convince you that.

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celebrities sextapes