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Christian Actors and Actresses Christian Celebrities Christian Movie Stars Christian SongsAdvertisementsA group of black and Latino students at a California high school have decided to wear black to school in protest of an anti-police brutality poster they say promotes racism. The students at Folsom Cordova High School in the Central Coast town of Folsom, about 45 miles southwest of San Francisco, say that a photograph of two young black men holding a sign that reads, Hands up, dont shoot is a racist representation of their community. The students have also complained to school officials of the signs content, which they say portrays blacks as unruly, violent and threatening. The poster promotes a stereotype, one of the students said. We want to raise awareness about racism in the police, but were also very upset that the black community is being portrayed negatively. The students accusations are backed by students at Folsom Cordova High School, who say the poster is a very racist and inaccurate portrayal of African-American youth. When asked whether the photograph was racist, one student simply said, No, reports The Sacramento Bee. The students contend that the sign, which they believe encourages police violence, is also racially charged, because the image was taken from a video that showed an officer shooting an unarmed black teenager on video. The students, who are represented by the advocacy group Students for a Democratic Society, have asked the school district to replace the poster, but Superintendent Mark T. Boughton has refused, citing the First Amendment right of students to wear the clothing they wish on school premises. Boughton has also sent out a letter to parents complaining that the district would be subject to federal funds penalties if the poster was taken down. I cant imagine what could be more offensive to black students than someone handing them a flyer that portrays them as a threat, one Folsom Cordova parent told the Sacramento Bee. But the students have noted that the sign also depicts a white person who, they say, appears to be holding a sign that claims Racism is a Thing of the Past. In fact, the sign was taken from a poster created by a white man who is not affiliated with San Bernardino Unified school system. 500 reward for the identity of the culprit who distributed the anti-police flyer. The students will be represented by the American Civil Liberties Union. A hearing is planned for the students who have filed their first formal complaint. Students across the country have taken notice of the Folsom Cordova students protest. Students at an Ohio high school recently held a diversity day, featuring posters with pictures of black African Americans and whites posing together and the slogan Love Wins.

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