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D rather talk to me than listen to some atheist talk about what happens after we die. For the first time in many years I ask myself why. What was I doing to deserve such a fate, that I need to put myself in a desperate situation. Ll send, the realization that no matter what I do, I will not see my dad again, hits me hard. I feel a weight come off my shoulders, like I can breathe again. I can type this email, think about the situation and the email that I will send. I can also think about all of the things that I could say to him if I was in a better mood. I will probably be too depressed as I write it, so I will try and be cheerful. I will even do some things that I normally wouldnt do. I do not know why, but I do. Perhaps he will know why I would think about something like this. After a couple of days I get an email back from my dad. Ll get worse before it gets any better. The following day I get an email back from my dad. The day after that I get the email that will change my life. Katie, it was my hope that you would never have to go through what you did, or rather the reason why you had to go through it. It was my hope that it would never happen to you again and that you might have some type of happy future ahead of you. I always did my best to raise you right, and your dad was the best thing that ever happened to me. But it appears there was a problem between the two of us. Maybe you feel that there was a serious problem between us and I should stop reading this email, but in some sense I never wanted to get married at all. I feel like I was being forced into marriage when.

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celebrities who believe in jesus