Christian Bale Thanked Satan at the Golden Globes, and Satanists …

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Christian Bale thanked Satan at the Golden Globes and Satanists are thrilled. 2019 Golden Globes: See the Full Winners List. During the 1980s and 1990s a moral panic about alleged Satanic ritual abuse, SRA, occurred, mainly in parts of the English-speaking world. United Kingdom This is a National Park so keep see also See also You run back to your car and tell your friends youre going back to your hotel. You spend the rest of the night there waiting for the rest of the results. In the morning you get a text from one of your friends that youre all getting in line to be interviewed by the local paper. You open up your phone again and see all the results. Theres a photo of you, and your best friends and your mom with all your prizes in front of the Golden Globes. A few hours later all the winning shows and films are in the paper and everyone is celebrating. You just want to hang out with your friends for now. Some of your friends are happy about it while others are a little pissed. You dont really know how to deal with all this so you decide to just go to sleep. About an hour later you hear the door to your room open up. You answer it and see a man with a buzz cut and a bag of weed walk in. What would he do if he actually found out who you are. Instead of answering the door he instead walks up to you and leans over your shoulder and sniffs the side of your neck.

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