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The world is dying, and the last survivors are fleeing to the cities, where they can get a seat on a crowded freighter to the New World. Are about to embark on the one thing that will allow them to live: a long, long voyage westward to the land of the mutant freaks. In the port city of San Francisco they meet some old friends, some who played vital roles in the history of the city. The mutants have been fighting the humans for thousands of years, and they are now the ruling species. But there is another mutant race, the mutants of the mutant world, who could prove to be the superior ones. The mutants have been waging a secret war with humans for millions of years, and now they have developed a new weapon. S genetic: an ability to transform their flesh into that of a super-strong, super-fast or even super-smart alien creature. And the world will give in to their every twisted whim. The planet is now the home of the last mutants, the last freaks. They live in a fragile balance between their human souls and their alien minds, the remnants of an ancient race of super-powerful extraterrestrials that lived here long before humans. A young mutant by the name of Johnny Storm, finds himself on the run from the mutants, and must rely on the help of the last freaks he can get, the humans who survived the catastrophe that destroyed the world. Together the two groups of people must survive the harsh desert, the mutants by night and the humans by day, in a world that has changed beyond recognition. T even have time to change out your old, worn-out clothes. The last time you saw it, you were shivering and trembling under the blankets. Re not really in any condition to be fighting now. With all your might and every ounce of your speed, you charge the mutants, a pack of which stand ready to pounce. You dodge and roll as they beat your brains in with their claws, trying to tear you limb from limb.

Post about Male celebrities with long hair

male celebrities with long hair