Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host addresses ‘curveball’ with wife ahead of anniversary

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Virgin Radio star Chris Evans, 54, and his wife Natasha Shishmanian married in 2007 but they’ve never celebrated their wedding anniversary, something the radio DJ describes as a “curveball” in their marriage. But after speaking with his co-stars Rachel Horne and Vassos Alexander, it seems this year he has planned something after all.

That’s the curveball, we never celebrate our anniversary!

Chris Evans

“Our wedding anniversary is on the 12 August,” he said.

“But the thing about that is, we got married in a very quiet registry office in Guildford but then we had our wedding on the 15 August with all the guests in Portugal.”

Chris and his family were due to fly to Portugal on Monday 1 August, but decided to cancel their four-week vacation due to the on-going coronavirus situation.

“So, that’s a double anniversary,” Rachel acknowledged before Chris shocked her by revealing they don’t celebrate either of them.

“That’s the curveball, we never celebrate our anniversary,” he exclaimed.

“But we might his year Mrs Evans!” he smirked and giggled as his co-stars got excited.

“I’ve told you what I’ve bought her, haven’t I?” Chris added, as the pair shook their heads.

“OK, I’ll tell you now, I have to turn the microphones off, sorry about this!” the former BBC star apologised to listeners before the studio fell deadly silent as Chris whispered to his colleagues about Natasha’s gift.

Suddenly, the mics were switched back on and Rachel and Vassos screamed: “Ah! Great gift!”

Chris then dropped a huge hint about what it was: “Well, it’s the opposite to a waterbed because if you buy a water bed, you could drift apart…”

We sense a joke in there somewhere…

“Oh great, you’re on fire this morning,” Rachel rolled her eyes, laughing.

Not so long ago, one of Chris’ old pals Mariella Frostrup, appeared on his show and revealed that his younger self could never see him getting married or having kids.

He and Natasha share four children together, 11-year-old Noah, seven-year-old Eli and two-year-old twins Walt and Boo.

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He also shares 34-year-old daughter Jade, from a previous relationship to former fiancée Alison Ward.

But if you’d have told teenage Chris that he was going to have been married three times and have five kids, he wouldn’t have believed you.

“I remember you sitting there and telling me – you were not in a good place at the time – but I remember you telling me adamantly that you were never going to get married, you were never going to have children,” Mariella spilled.

“You were never going to do anything like that because it was for other people and now look at you, you smug married dad!”

Nodding along, Chris agreed with his outlook on life back in the day, making light of the situation by joking: “I now have one million children.”

“The mitigation of that would be it’s always great to be in the moment, but I now know there are lenses from the past and towards the future and I try and sit very comfortable in that sense.”

He added: “It’s about flow.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show continues weekdays on Virgin Radio at 6.30am.

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