Chris Evans bids farewell on air as Virgin Radio co-star steps down ‘She’s left us’

Chris Evans reveals Amelia Cox has left the show

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Chris Evans shared a goodbye to one of his Virgin Radio Breakfast co-stars yesterday. The broadcaster explained to viewers how presenter Amelia Cox had departed the show as she had “gone off to do other things”.

After spending nine years helming the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Chris moved over to Virgin Radio two years ago.

As regular listeners of the show will know, Chris presents his morning show with Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne.

Although, on Monday mornings, he’s usually joined by Amelia in Rachel’s place as she doesn’t work those days.

However, the beloved radio host surprised listeners by introducing her replacement on Monday morning’s show.

He said: “Sophia Franklin will be with us on Mondays from now on.

“Because Amelia’s now, she’s gone off to do other things.

“And she has our blessing,” Chris continued.

He explained the presenter also left them a thank you note amid her departure.

“She’s left us a beautiful thank you card to Vassos and myself,” he added.

“Vassos, I don’t know if you’ve read it? It was stunning.”

His co-host then revealed: “I have done, it’s lovely.”

Amelia was the newsreader for the hit show, as well as for TalkSport.

While her replacement Sophia has been working across TalkSport, Times Radio and TalkRadio.

Elsewhere, Chris has been taking some time away from his morning show.

The presenter recently had a two week holiday where he was replaced by stand-in hosts.

Among them were Gaby Roslin and Kaiser Chiefs star Ricky Wilson who cheekily joked about dethroning him.

“Gaby and Ricky in for Chris this morning,” Gabby began on the August 9 show.

“Good morning,” Ricky replied before he asked: “You’re not trying to dethrone Chris again are you?”

“Not at all. I never would. I love that man,” Gabby then fired back.

Ricky joked: “You’ve locked him in a cupboard, haven’t you?”

Gaby replied: “I love that man.

“I’m sitting in his seat which is a very strange thing to do.”

Speaking on today’s show, Chris revealed he’s also planning on taking next week off the show as well.

Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am.

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