Chloe Madeley says Prince Harrys critics should ‘suck it up

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Following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare and his tell-all documentary with Meghan Markle, the couple have faced endless criticism for airing their side of the royal tale. However, new parents Chloe Madeley, 35, and James Haskell, 37, say pro-monarchists should not be surprised or criticise the royal’s running commentary.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, the couple were asked to weigh in on the hot topic still dominating headlines weeks after the royal couple’s bombshell doc, interviews and memoir.

James insinuated that Prince Harry and Meghan should be left alone, noting that the high public interest does not mean the public can dictate what they do, in fact he declared it was the opposite.

He told the outlet: “I just think, let them do it.

“As long as everybody in this country wants a monarchy and wants to talk about the royals as much as they want to talk about them, you can’t criticise any of them for standing up and saying their piece.

“They’re entitled to.”

Seemingly crashing her husband’s interview, Chloe said that pro-monarchists should just “suck it up”.

She said: “If you don’t like the monarchy and you’re anti-monarchy, fair enough. Say, ‘Why are we involved in this circus, get rid of them!’

“But if you’re pro-monarchy you don’t get to decide which royals speak and which royals don’t.

“Suck it up!”

Chloe is the youngest child of British television personalities Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, while James rose to public affection as an English rugby union player.

Alongside being public figures like Prince Harry and Meghan, the couple also have a few royal ties giving them greater insight into the controversial couple’s situation.

James and Chloe are known to be good friends with Zara and Mike Tindall, the daughter of Princess Royal Anne and 20th in the line of succession for the English throne.

Mike and James first garnered a friendship as they were both big names in the rugby world, having both played for England, and they went on to start the weekly podcast The Good, The Bad And The Rugby together.

Since their friendship blossomed, mum-of-three Zara has been on-hand for Chloe as she welcomed her first baby in August.

In February last year, James announced on Good Morning Britain that he and Chloe were expecting their first child together.

Chloe revealed that Zara had been giving “some really good advice” throughout her pregnancy.

Speaking to OK!, Chloe revealed that when she gave birth to little Bhodi in August last year, the royal was still close at hand as she became one of the first to meet the newborn.

She said: “She was basically Zara’s baby for the day, which was nice for me, because I could sit down with some of our friends and have a cup of tea and a catch-up.

“Zara’s an incredible mother, she loves babies and she’s brilliant.

“She did everything – she changed Bodhi’s nappy, put her down for a nap, the whole thing.”

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