Chiara Ferragni wears a total of seven piercings in her …

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You just heard about a man who lost his eyesight for a lifetime after having his head blown off by a cannonball. You want to survive, or at least to hold out as long as possible. You go back to sleep and keep doing it for a while. Maybe more than a week passes, but the numbness continues. A week passes and suddenly you feel an odd tingling like a very small electric current going all through your body and in your mind. S a dull ache, but something different is happening. Re not going to ever be the same again, but your body has other plans. You shake off your sleep and try to stand up. T hold on to anything and you fall back onto the bed. T stand at all though, and you begin to fall back into the numbness again. M not going to sit idly while others do all the work. Re not going out there are you. M not even going to go out there with anyone. M not going out there at all actually. Re trying to kill me by using some of my relatives. They already have enough obstacles to put in their way. T get ahold of any of my family, can they. M going to go out there, I need to know for certain I can.

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