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A couple moments later, you hear the sound of a carriage wheels behind a nearby wall. T hear any noise when you exit the bedroom, then you hear the sound of a carriage wheels behind a nearby wall. In a matter of minutes, you see a carriage pulled by two mules pulled by two dogs. You even see two people sitting on the back of the mules, which are pulling them. One of the dogs barks as you step out from behind the back wall. In front of you, sits a man wearing a black velvet suit. S name is Dampierre, and you see him leaning against the wall with his hands folded with a serious expression on her face. Ve both seen enough of each other here. Ve lost several pounds since we first met. Ve gotten a little more talkative as well. Well, I was about to invite you over to get some dinner before I left tomorrow. Re willing to stay over though, that would be a great help to me, well thank you anyway. Dampierre says, a little too enthusiastically in fact. S wife comes over to you and takes your hand. Ve been a true friend my love. She says, hugging you and stroking your face lovingly. Dampierre quickly replies as you leave the room. Re feeling a little weird about being in the room with Dampierre. Re in no position to go back to Fort Glory with a.

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