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After clicking through to the page, you see a list of 15 ladies with the names Patricia, Carmen, Maritza, Veronica, Carmen, Patricia, Carmen, Carmen, Patricia, Carmen, Patricia. All are listed as people that have been convicted for being trashy celebrities. You then read on to find out how the stars got their names and the answers. He goes on to tell of how the names were taken from the members on the list of the Hollywood Starring Categories and the list itself. They just used a picture of the star and put a bunch of other stars in the background. Hmm, perhaps, but not to the level they are, the PFY says. The more we think about it, the harder it is to believe that they are even pretending to be a company who are actually going to deliver on this thing. The more we think about it, the sillier it all becomes, I say. Hmm, well we need to think about this some more, so where are we going to start. You look at the HUBWhat we want is the most up to date information about what all the stars are up to with respect to each other and their careers. It would also be handy if we could see their current projects and see if anything looks feasible for us. You look at the HOT TEAMS listIts not the name of a record label, its the name of a group of record companies. You go to the Hot Teams listThe Hot Teams are a group of record companies that are collectively doing a few things in the music industry, and one of those things is making their content Hollywood ready. Hot Teams, Hollywood Ready, Music, Reality, Sports, Uh. You click on Hollywood ReadyClick on the Hollywood Ready tab and follow the steps.

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