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Google Cheryl Ladd is the lead producer, writer and a writer on the Netflix crime drama show Making a Murderer. One of the most perplexing elements of the Steven Avery case is why he was released from prison in Wisconsin in the first place. He had sex with a young girl who was just 12 years old at the time of the crime. Avery was given a new trial and convicted because the trial judge ruled that Avery was not mentally competent to stand trial. Although Averys crime was sexual assault, it does not explain why he was released from prison, let alone why he was released from the infamous Milwaukee County Jail without being charged with a crime or having ever gone to trial. The Wisconsin Innocence Project has spent more than a decade working with false convictions of innocent people. Simpsons infamous crime and the false confession that was forced out of him. After decades of work by the Wisconsin Innocence Project and others in the field, we have learned many important lessons about false confessions. Perhaps the most important lesson is that in most cases, false confessions are not truly false. If people dont think someone is guilty, they may falsely confess or withhold critical information from law enforcement. In Steven Averys case, he might have falsely confessed to the crime, or he might have withheld a key piece of evidence, or he might even have lied to the police. There are a couple of examples of people who came close to confessing to a brutal criminal act and then later maintained their innocence. This raises the question of whether Averys story was fabricated in part because he was being framed or if he was telling the truth in the first place. One of the most important pieces of information in the Netflix series Making a Murderer is Steven Averys defense attorney, Len Kachinsky. Kachinsky was an aggressive and combative defense lawyer who was always ready to talk his client as much as he was willing to listen to him. This was a dangerous combination, which had a bad effect on Avery. Because Kachinsky was so combative, he was viewed as a bad lawyer who was willing to take advantage of the situation. But if the defense attorney is not aggressive at all, is not combative at all, then he cant be believed, and he wont be believed and that is the killer. On the face of it, she did not seem like a good defense attorney.

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