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The character in Glory Story who was called the Stamper had stuttering, syndrome. The more you think about it, the more you get the impression that the stuttering thing just might be a bit of a red herring for something else. As the saying goes: The devil you know is usually better than the devil you dont, so you might as well check all the red herrings off, before you run away. You run awayYou run and you run and you run. Ve come across the same location that you had been staying at for the past few days. T even answer the door and slam it in his face. T have any money and there is no way your parents are going to help you. Re determined to at least go to a shelter or somewhere where you can at least get some food. You run through town after town and find nothing. T even know where the nearest shelter or even a church are located. So you decide to head to the nearest place where you know food is at your finger tips. You spend all of your money on junk food and find yourself eating it until you puke. Once in a store, and once on your way back to your car. T have any money either, but you manage to get back home. Then you run out and attempt to go the rest of the way without stopping.

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