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Time to put your life back together. Just you and the new world around you, and all its possibilities. You dont have to worry about a thing any more. S going to happen to someone you know. All you can do is trust someone. Janice nods and hugs you, then makes a note on her notepad about a possible date tonight. Ve got three more weeks to prepare before the big day, and Janice seems to be a lot better over the past few days. S been on edge ever since she saw the message from her brother. You go over your list and check the dates for today and tomorrow. T that much to it, just standing on different rooftops from rooftop to rooftop and avoiding the falling debris. Re going to need to make a few last-minute preparations. Janice replies and retrieves your phone from your hand. T accidentally send a picture of you to your room, or worse: your room. You also go through every item in your room and organize all your personal items.

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