Charleston White Pulls Gun on Interviewer After Being Confronted About King Von and FBG Duck Disses

The controversial YouTube star gets into a heated argument during an interview after being asked by the host, DJ U Go Crazy, to stop trashing the two late rappers.

AceShowbizCharleston White is no stranger to controversial remarks and behaviors and he has done it again. The YouTube star got into a heated argument during an interview that quickly escalated, with the content creator pulling a gun on an interviewer.

Charleston recently sat down with Chicago’s DJ U Go Crazy. During the interview, he continued to diss King Von and FBG Duck. When the host asked the comedian to stop trashing the late Chi-Town rappers, Charleston wasn’t having it.

“B***h, give me back the money then, h*e,” Charleston snapped at the interviewer. “Funky a** b***h. I ain’t have to help not one of you rotten a** h*es. B***h, my momma ain’t gotta bunch of kids that died. B***h, I hope y’all h*es bury y’all babies. F**k y’all pain, b***h. Give me back my godd**n money, h*e. Or suck my d**k b***h.”

“And Chicago, f**k y’all,” he went on ranting, before pulling his gun off camera. “Suck my d**k, b***h. I keep a godd**n gun for whatever. N***a, I don’t give a f**k about s**t. I keep a motherf**king gun. N***a, I keep a motherf**king gun, Chicago.”

He appeared to cock the gun while a man was trying to calm him down, saying he “went too far.” But Charleston didn’t listen, saying, “I don’t give a damn about nothing.” He insisted, “N***a let me say what I want to say.”

Sharing the clip on his personal and media company’s Instagram pages, the DJ said he gave Charleston the benefit of the doubt when he agreed for the interview. “I represent CHICAGO any and everywhere I go… I was giving this goof a** old man the benefit of the doubt cause he claim to be ‘in character’ when saying some of the disrespectful s**t he be saying,” he captioned it. “But where I’m from, once you up on a motherf**ker, you gotta use it.”

Charleston has not addressed his behavior in the interview.

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