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We are not so much the stars as the fans who come to see them perform their art. You will remember, I was friends with you and I was very impressed with your work as a photographer, especially with the pictures of you and your friends with us at a concert a year or so ago, especially the one where you and me were kissing and hugging. I was so impressed that I asked you to do another picture as a gift for her. You certainly know how to choose a gift for a friend. You do the photo shootYou are not to blame and you will be fine. You are the only one that knows how to protect oneself. Are you even sure that you are even good at it. You walk up front on the stage, still looking at the audience. I know youre not used to this, but you have to get in the center of the room for me, okay. You feel a large hand on your shoulder, but you dont turn around. Even if youre doing okay right now, I can see that I havent seen you in over a year. I can see how much youve changed and just how much you dont want to be here. You look at her with your eyes and they look back at you. You have no idea if they can see you, but youre sure that you have seen an image of them somewhere in there. I cant imagine having to perform for so many people I dont even know. I know youre the same young girl that I used to know. You were once a happy, carefree girl that I used to know. Now youre just a shell of your former self. I dont want to say that youll be okay with this, but you may have to be. Ill be here to help you, but right now, you need to let me in. Let me in at the center of the room and Ill make certain that I get a good shot. You look at her again, this time with your eyes.

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celebrities you didnt know passed away