Celebs who passed in 2010 include Oscar-nominated actor Dennis Hopper, Speed, …

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Next Page Next Page Previous Main Page Next Page If you are in the habit of using the computer every afternoon, you have probably already heard about the recent hack on Sony Pictures. While the company was not hacked, it is clear that the attack has resulted in mass confusion and even panic on the part of most people. Even if you are not a regular who uses the computer, you probably had to see some TV or hear some radio reports on the attack. I can see that you are confused right now about what is going on with the events taking place. I also can see that you would like to know what can you do to help. This article is written for you as it is very important that everyone understand what has happened and what can be done to help. First let me tell you a little bit about me. I have been a Sony Pictures Entertainment customer since I could first buy VHS tapes. At the time when you could only rent and couldnt buy physical movies, my wife and I were able to sit down and watch Titanic. We never thought we would own that movie and have the opportunity to own a print of it as we are still in the process of doing so. Sony Pictures Entertainment has been a part of our family for many years as we have watched the wonderful movies that are made there. When all the cyber attacks started affecting our lives, I started to wonder about what I could do to help out. A few days before the attack started, I found out about a new service called GoFundMe that allowed movie fans to raise funds for movie needs on a personal level. I chose to raise money for my daughters wedding and asked for people to sign up to donate. I raised enough money to pay for the hotel and food for the night in California. Since so many people wanted to help, I was able to set up a GoFundMe page for everyone. Sony Pictures never even knew about it, but I had it set up so they could send an email to all of my donors when the attacks were over. If this had been my wedding instead of my daughters, Sony would have had the means to get the damage done months ago. The website was brought down right at the time the attacks started, but I was able to reopen my page quickly with no problems.

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celebrities who died in 2010