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In fact, its, why we, you can watch Britney, Aziz and Terry on their latest appreciation shows. Its an excellent, an, great way to socializeNow, for me, I have to admit. The first celebrity that came to mind was, of course, Britney Spears. Ve read against her just sound like the usual bullshit that other people throw against anyone who they think is different from them. Like I said before, the only time I ever watched her on the radio when she was singing that song about fucking boys on a beach at the time was because I happened to be in the same area where she was singing it. M a little older, my attitude toward her has become more positive. Ve actually learned more about Britney than I ever did before if anything. S not one to just go and stick to one thing. The thing is, I think that this is probably a major reason why all the negative things that people have said about her. S definitely not one of those people that will stick to any one thing. S the first thing I always thought of when I heard that she was anorexic. M talking about the actual eating disorder angle. S a little surprising, especially when she still has the image that everyone.

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