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She had to put it down slowly to get over the thought of missing the birth of her 3rd child. Celebrity moms who had babies after 40. How Baby Bump Effects Baby Parents and Baby Care and Careers. You shake your head trying to come up with a positive spin, but you cant think of anything. You just shook your head and sat there. A nurse comes up to you and asks you some questions. She looks at you and says She seems like the kind of person you would be interested in. She didnt really tell you too much about why she was having the abortion though, just that she was tired of her life and that her boyfriend broke up with her due to her being depressed. Do you think abortion is the right thing to do. You think about it and reply No, I think it was the wrong thing to do. You then want to know why she was having the abortion. The nurse is a bit worried, so you explain that you have friends who take advantage of teenagers, and you wonder if you are one of those teens. The nurse is a bit shocked at how you know about all this. She said your friends told her you had been drinking when you got to the clinic and she didnt think you were that young anymore. You explain that you are 22, but you dont think you were as young as you were when she said. You tell her that you are a college student and have never had a job because even though you have a lot of experience with computers, you dont have a job that pays that much and you cant think of any reason that you would want to. I thought you would be more interested in what to do about your life.

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