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I mean, theres a bit of a controversy going on right now. I have no fucking idea who the hell Chris Brown is. I dont think I have ever heard his name before, yet here I am writing a goddamn blog post about his political views. I am not going to comment on his music; his music can do its own review for itself. I do have mixed feelings about him and I think what he has done to my younger sister is pretty fucking wrong. At the same time, I dont like his music, but I understand why he does it. And his recent actions have pissed me off more than Im comfortable with. Ive never really been interested in politics because Im more of an independent thinker. Sure I voted in every election I could for fucking ever- since I was a kid, I know I could. But Ive never had a strong interest in the subject. I remember when the first generation to vote were about my age, they all thought we were a bunch of damn kooks. So when the next generation started getting into it, it wasnt our cup of tea. Sorry if I offended anyone, Then along came the internet. We had a group of like-minded people who were able to discuss and organize all of our weird fucking interests together and the shit that got discussed was all kinda mainstream and boring by the time we were old enough to actually consume it. I remember liking and discussing the guys from GWAR a lot in high school. But now that Im older, I cant even tell the difference between them and those fucking Nazis. I dont think any of us even pay attention to them anymore, but I still cant bring myself to like any of them. I guess thats probably because I still think of them as being a bunch of pathetic cunts who have never done anything worthwhile in their lives. I guess thats why I dont even give a shit whos going to be leading the country. I mean, if Obama becomes President, he really wont be any different than any of the other left-wing morons that have occupied the Oval Office before him. If Romney wins, hes going to be a bunch of fucking dopes like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the rest. If someone on the other side of the fence wins, its gonna be a guy like Ron Paul or even that asshole Grover Norquist, I dunno, but Im not going to fucking vote for either of them. How is this any different from voting for some political candidate. I mean arent we all just little fucks on a vast cosmic scale.

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