Celebrity Favorite SoulCycle Instructor Stacey Griffith Apologizes for Getting COVID-19 Vaccine As an ‘Educator’

A celebrity-fave SoulCycle instructor Stacey Griffith is under fire for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine after presenting herself as an “educator.”

According to a screengrab from Daily Beast, in a now deleted post, the 52-year-old fitness instructor wrote, “VACCINE DAY! Step one of the Moderna magic!! One hour drive to STATEN ISLAND worth every minute! It takes a village. Now I can teach @soulcycle with a little more faith that we’re all gonna be ok if we get the [syringe emoji]!”

Griffith is now issuing an apology after some extreme backlash, which included the Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio even weighing in on the controversy, saying, “Doesn’t sound like someone who should’ve gotten vaccinated to me.”

Vaccines are currently in short supply and everyone is urged to wait their turn to help the most vulnerable first.

Stacey has taught Oprah and Kelly Ripa, among others.

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