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As always, if youre still thinking about adding someone, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page. And dont forget to like us and share with your friends to help us reach more new people. If youre looking for something else to browse, take a look at the other pages on the site, or you can search for something specific on the site itself. Good luck on your next movie-going trip. Genjutsu Taijutsu, was a technique taught to the Kage as their first form of jutsus. 1Contents showOverviewAs the ultimate form of ninjutsu, the technique granted the user complete control of the eyes and mind, granting them access to all of a subjects memories, knowledge, emotions, thoughts, and abilities. The subject was completely unaware of what was occurring to them, nor could they resist the command of the user. 2 However, it was known that the target had the option to resist and even fight back, by activating a Genjutsu Barrier. While the technique had been extremely difficult to master, it could be used to force the death of a target at the cost of the casters life force. It is unknown how long a Genjutsu was in existence; during the Fourth Shinobi World War it disappeared from Konohas forces and was not encountered again until Obito Uzumaki performed the Ritual of Rebirth in the hopes of resurrecting his mother, prompting the Second Mizukage to call upon the Sage of Six Paths in an attempt to locate and destroy the technique. 3 The first known appearance of the technique was performed by a clone of Madara Uchiha, which Obito had created to kill the Fourth Raikage. Its precise origin was a mystery, but Obito claimed he learned it from Madara, who also claimed to have learned it from the Sannin. The technique had numerous weaknesses, the most severe of which was that it was generally impossible to perform without a partner. That said, it could be done in tandem with other techniques such as:Genjutsu ImmunityGenjutsu DetectionRoots of FriendshipKnown UsersTriviaIt is possible that Genjutsu was already in existence before the original war, since the village was not destroyed until after the invasion. ReferencesThe best way to enjoy our worldAnd the best way to make a story better. The way that works for the best stories is toIts a good story, but it can be a better one. Or to put it another way, theres a reason whyWhy we like good.

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what celebrities died in 2018