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You: Whoa, I think we just found something. You select a different subjectYou: Select a different subjectMr. Ill do something different next time, I promise. Forbes:, Sigh, Ill do something different next time, I promise. The 100 highest-paying movies in theatres of all time.

You make a lot more than most of the celebrities on the list, and you make more than all of them combined. T just buy yourself expensive gifts or vacations. You buy the best, and you make sure to spend a lot on yourself. T hurt to put it towards your own pleasures. You get a good carYou are a high-earning celebrity because it has always been part of your life plan to live large. It also helps that your mother has a lot of money and an awesome sense of fashion and taste in cars. T imagine living any other way. And go and spend your hard-earned money at an automobile auction. You spend more than you ever have at an automobile auction. D ever spend all your money at one. Your mother is so proud of you that she starts to buy you more and more expensive things. Ve always tried to keep her in line as much as possible. Eventually you start to save some of the money you make from your car sales and from a variety of other endeavors you do in your free time. You begin to build up a little nest egg that you never knew you had. You save it carefully and it grows and grows until one day, you feel like you can no longer keep up with the bills. Re going to have to start living on the cheap for awhile, you think to yourself. Ll be able to do just fine on a little bit less. Ve always felt a small sense of purpose ever since you were little.

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