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You sit with a bag of popcorn and watch it with Jon. You both look at each other a couple times and laugh. After the movie you watch a few more episodes of Bar Rescue. The crew has more than enough food and drink to fill up a bus. The next night you go with your boyfriend to the Victory Bar, which was the former Sports Grill. The two of you watch the movie and have a few more drinks. After the movie you and your boyfriend go back home and go to bed. Re heading over to the bus stop to get some food. As you take a look down the bus, you see Jon waiting for you there. You were already up, so I knew you were up already. T think you knew how to look good like you do now. Anyway, you might as well get on the bus. Jon says, leading you to one of the seats. S arm is resting on the back of your seat. M just going to keep an eye on you for a while. Jon is actually pretty cool, you think. T made you feel intimidated at all. The bus eventually gets to the town you live in. Jon turns off the engine at the bus stop and gets off. He sits down next to you and begins the interview. M just going to meet you around.

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