Celebrities you didnt know were gay

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The word bisexuals used to mean a person who has a preference for two personals. Now the word bisexuals mean a person who has a bond for any pair of persons. There are so many celebrities that have come out that it would be impossible to list them all. However, some of the names that come to mind are:The list could go on and on and you could probably do a whole post on what other people might have done. The point is that if you had known that some people are just like the celebrities you saw on television at the age of 7, you probably would have helped people in need at that age as well. Unfortunately, you werent aware of people like these and you probably werent aware of your own personal values. Had you been aware of things like that, you could have helped a lot of people that could not help themselves. In case you arent aware, Wikipedia has a page for Bisexuality. Check it out; there is a lot of valuable information there. See what others say about you, yourself, and your life. The world needs to be told that they need to be better than how they have dealt with you. AdvertisementsI dont even like the guy, but the guy at the top of that list is a ticking time bomb. I think the problem is both candidates seem to be saying the same shit. Government is a broad term, so you cant really make any blanket statements. I dont think Trump is a fascist, but I think hes a pretty authoritarian guy. If he actually became president, and you dont need to be a politician to know that cant happen, hed try to do some of the things he thinks hes going to get away with because hes going to be in charge. I dont know what candidate Clinton is running against exactly, but I dont see an end to the corruption and the big money in politics. I think she actually wants to do a lot more harm than good to the country. I think hes running to show the American people that there is a better way than the two party monopoly that dominates the process today. Maybe its just me, but if I ever did end up sleeping with a politician, Id probably be voting for Bernie, because he makes a lot more sense on a lot of things than she does.

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celebrities you didnt know were gay