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She moved by the plight of the cows and gave a speech to her school department to support animal rights. Vegan actor Josh Charles came out as vegan the month he married his vegan girlfriend the first day of the honeymoon. Vegan actress Chloe Sevigny has spoken out against the eating of all animal products. I am a vegan because I am vegan and I am proud of it. Vegan celebrities veganism actors actress vegan celebrity actors celebrities vegan movie films movie celebrities actor celebrity veganislam veganism christianity jesusSHARE TWEET Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. In the next few hours, the world will be plunged into darkness as the sun is set to go down, but if you want to get some sleep now, youre going to have to wait until tomorrow. You were a little exhausted yesterday trying to find a quiet place to sleep, but thanks to the new shelter the two of you built yourselves, you were able to use it for a little while longer with no ill effects whatsoever. The shelter is huge, bigger than all of the other one youve been in thus far. It must be even bigger than the one the Family was using during the time of your visit there because theres plenty of space for everyone to gather around the fire. The Family, as theyve come to be known, is made up of six people right now, not including you. There are a lot of them, and theyre all gathered around the fire. Two young adults, two middle-aged adults, two teenagers, and a mother and her little girl. All of them, except the children, are dressed in clothing made of clothing, which you know isnt exactly the best material. Theyre the ones that run the shelter, and theyre the ones that are in control of deciding on how things will go down. The little girls name is Donna, and shes six years old. Her mothers name is Donna, and shes six years old. Their father is named Walter, and hes a couple of years younger than Donna. Donna is sitting there on the floor in between her mother and father, who are both talking over one another like theyre having a conversation in front of thousands of people. Donna has drawn a pair of stuffed animals on her blank paper-note and is reading it while her parents talk over her. You know, I used to think the world was going to end in the year 2000 Donna reads.

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