Celebrities you didnt know were black

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ThinShrimp10S 1 point 6 hours agoA white guy from the UK, or at least they say he is Also some white guy who said he was from Ireland. Didnt know anyone was from Ireland because I wasnt aware of it. Plus I guess I wasnt too familiar with the UK either. ThinShrimp10S 3 points 6 hours agoOh. DuckColin 1 point 14 hours agoI just learned this today too. ThinShrimp10S 2 points 23 hours agoOh, Im glad to hear that. ThinShrimp10S 1 point 1 day agoI just learned that I have some black friends. I just learned that I have some brown skinned friends. ThinShrimp10S 1 point 2 days agoWow. ThinShrimp10S 2 points 3 days agoYeah, it was a pleasant surprise. DuckColin 1 point 9 days agoCan I be in next week. ThinShrimp10S 1 points 2 days agoIm sorry, you were already chosen. Sabertoothlips 1 point 3 days agoThanks, I think it would be good for the world if I was in. If it is too much you need, I can help with anything else you need. You choose not to do itI appreciate your offer, but I am really just happy I can be in next week, I wont be going anywhere and I can interact with you all as I would like. If you really want me to do it though, here is a list for you of people I may or may not know. JohnBannana 2 points 12 days agoWho the hell is John Bannana. Sabertoothlips 1 point 14 days agoJohn Bannana from the show The Office. I think youll find this one of the better things youll do on the site. This list is mostly about people I consider to be very successful in some way. Some of them may be a bit of an acquired taste. Im sure youll enjoy them regardless.

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celebrities you didnt know were black