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Diane Keaton, 72, feels that theres no true escape from aging, even with plastic surgery. Pink, Kate Winslet and More Celebrity on Why Theyve Said No to Plastic Surgery. Because your own body is a little bit less than perfect and you would have a harder time doing your job right now, right. You cant really argue with that, you have work to do, Plus, in your head, you can think of one last thing that would be the icing on the cake. You go out with a group of friendsWell thats a definite possibility you suppose. Youre definitely not going to be alone this time. The next day, you go to your usual diner. Youre surprised to find that Diane has decided to have a bit of fun with you again. She starts by asking which TV shows you like to watch. You reply that you dont really watch any sort of television and that you have a lot of tapes to watch. I have to admit, I never wouldve guessed you were an introvert. You tell her you dont watch any TVI dont watch any TV shows. We have another one weve been playing on loop for weeks. I suppose I could go with Monica and Donna and watch some TV, but I think youd like to do this. Oh I wouldnt mind seeing you watch TV. Its one of the few things I do that I never get tired of. She says and starts taking all your stuff that you were carrying around your bag and putting them on a table close to you. She then says, Okay, if you come over with Donna, lets watch TV. You smile at her as if this is something you havent done before. She then smiles back a bit and says, Well, if you come over with Donna, Im sure Ill see you watch TV.

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