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Many of them are taking the no-makeup trend to a whole new level by dyeing their faces in their natural hues. You cant wait to see the end results. The 40 Best Photos of Celebrities Without Makeup. In case you didnt catch the last one yet. It took me a while, but I finally got around to putting together a gallery of nude celebrities and their naturist fans. It took all my courage, but I eventually got through. In any case I wanted to share the gallery here. I actually got to the first 23 of the gallery before I was interrupted by a very loud music concert. So the last 23 is just a bunch of naked people singing a very uninteresting song. I dont mind boring songs, but the last part is really depressing. In case you want to skip the depressing parts, just click on the next two images to continue. Im always surprised you guys arent using your own photos more often. However, if youre concerned about privacy, you can also see the full gallery here. ContinueIm never surprised by your pornGIF addiction. Im surprised you guys arent using your own photos more often. Heres a bit more about me:Name: Thomas John BraidwoodAge: 27Occupation: PhotographerLocation of photography: FloridaFavourite animal: GorillaFavourite colour: PinkFavourite place youve ever been: My parents house in CaliforniaSexuality: GayFavourite food: Chicken wingsFavourite band: Green DayFavourite book: Dune by Frank HerbertFavourite film: ArmageddonFavourite song: Anything by FrankFavourite TV Show: SeinfeldFavourite Food: SushiFavourite song: Anything by FrankFavourite Movie: Anything with the word Movies in the titleFavourite musician: Frank OceanFavourite songwriter: Frank OceanFavourite singer: Frank OceanFavourite Artist: Kendrick LamarFavourite Music video: Anyone by Frank OceanFavourite TV Show: Game of ThronesFavourite book series: Harry PotterFavourite actor: Tom HiddlestonFavourite Celebrity: Frank OceanPossessions: 1.

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