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S name on your head, with,;the slogans on your chest,;will give yourself an advantage. Well, just to be clear, those are the basics to the bra culture that some young women are embracing today:There are actually several reasons why a woman may wear a bra, not the least of which being the physical comfort that such a garment provides. Indeed bra-wearing can provide this function somewhat better than other types of undergarments, not just because it prevents breast fidgeting in the way that other underwear does but because its purpose is to serve as a barrier against the male genitals, something that not all women are sexually interested in doing in the first place However, as in all things, there are exceptions to the rules. A few years ago, it seemed like all the young women of America were dressing like this:They were all wearing tight-fitting black clothing. They were mostly in their early to mid-twenties, and the majority were blonde, or redhead-ish, and wore their hair in various styles, a big theme this week, that of the big hair And they were wearing bra-wearing clothing, though they were not all doing so in the formal sense. Instead they were wearing such items of clothing as short shorts, tight-fitting black tops that showed far too much cleavage, revealing midriff-baring tops, and so on and so forth. To be sure, all of these things were fashionable then, but they were still not really part of the bra culture. On the other hand, the following is not necessarily an indicator of a bra culture. In fact, this might just be a sign of the times, in which case there might be something worth exploring. Let us now see what this weeks celebs are wearing:Braless and Uniform Are Not the Same ThingOK, this weeks celebs dont all wear the same type of clothing, but what they are all wearing is not bra-wearing clothing. They are all wearing clothing that is designed to be worn by men and women who have no idea what the word bra means. Well, if the goal is to be a woman who looks like you, who are you trying to appeal to.

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