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The list is kept secret for securityThe list is kept secret for security reasons and it shows the top 4 celebrities with Waardenburg syndrome. 1,842, -69 Ah, I dont wanna say, I want to just say a word of praise for Park Soo Yeon. 1,700, -62 Its so scary, I dont wanna even think about whats listed. Please watch over me a little more and protect me. Please watch over yourself and make sure youre protected. Youre so lucky that you have such a talented singer. Its an eye bug problem and you just need to use eye drops. I thought there was something wrong with me during the concert. My eyes were tearing up and I had a hard time talking. Oh my god, Im going to die. It was so scary and I didnt realize that I was having a seizure until I passed out. Its really cool to see those stars on the list. Im so glad that youre safe, thank you so much.

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celebrities with waardenburg syndrome