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He never did turn on that damn light in that dark room. You wake up in bedIt wasnt a dream. He must have been sleeping for a while, and just somehow, he woke up without being woken up. Maybe he was asleep for a really long time. It felt like he was inside a bubble of something, where all the sounds that went on outside were muffled, and there were voices, but he couldnt make out what they were saying. He almost wanted to get out of the bubble, but he just couldnt, and he had to keep going in it. He was afraid he would lose himself in the dream forever, but he couldnt, because he was afraid of losing his mind too. He could hear a gentle ticking sound from the bedside clock. He heard a knocking on the wall above the door. It was a slow but steady noise, not a loud one, because so far, he hadnt broken any of the furniture, but then, he hadnt slept either. He wondered if he should go investigate, but then, he felt very lonely. He had no one to talk to or talk with. You try to call his cell phoneHe tried to call the numbers he could see by the clock, but nothing rang. He tried to call the number that was listed above the clock, but that one was also out. There was no way to make a call to the phone that was listed below the clock. There was no phone at all, which was sort of strange. He tried to make a phone call to the phone on the wall above the phone, but the wall wouldnt turn. He tried the phone on the bed, but again, it wouldnt turn. You waitSlowly, he made his way down the dark stairs, which were too small for him to climb, and into the dark living room. The TV was off, so he didnt see him sitting on the couch, but he had some vague idea that he had done something to upset him.

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celebrities with vitiligo