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Mp3 Category: Comedy posted at: 11:12am EDTFdip221: The Seasons This year is my fourth year in the profession of DivaFashionBlog, and my fourth year posting a Season of my own. In the past, Ive made different seasons up for each new year, but I just dont have the time to do this again, as Ive got other things to do. This year, Im breaking tradition and just sticking to one season. In the years since the blog started, its almost become a tradition of mine to say some variant of that phrase in one of my podcasts. Its a fun way to talk about what Ive been up to, and it makes your skin crawl a little when you hear me talking about how fashiondesign is all boring and that the entire industry is stale and ruining all the hotness thats out there. T been paying any attention at all. Fashion has changed a lot since the days when the show first premiered. Back then it was pretty much the only thing that could keep mens fashion on a major shopping channel relevant. Now the fashion shows are almost always filled with shit that isnt even new, or at least it was when they first aired, and most of whats being worn is crap. S fashion back to reality, especially when it comes to shoes. M doing an entire season of my own dedicated to shoes and fashion. Ll probably be even more interesting than my fashion blog and I highly recommend you go listen to it. Until next time, stay dapper and stylish. Mp3 Category: general posted at: 12:55pm EDTFdip220: No-Show On Monday night, I spent most of my time editing together an actual podcast that will be released on Monday. My next plan will be to launch an actual fashion blog and put together a mini-series on the fashion industry.

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