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You open up the box and take a good whiff. T smell quite as bad as the one that you used to get when you used to smoke pot. You also smell it less from just recently breathing in the stuff. You look at the amp, a green one with the words R. You take the amp, plug it in and plug it in to the console with the speakers on it. When you do, the amp begins to hum a bit. Uh, sure, but keep in mind, this is a very loud speaker. Mike plugs in his amp and watches the movie on his TV. And then you hear a noise so faint you can barely hear it anymore. When the noise goes away the amp starts to make hissing sounds. Re thinking maybe it is something more than the hum from the speakers. You say and pull out your phone to call the studio. You see a red box pops up on the screen. Satellite Broadcast Not AvailableAnd your heart sinks even more when you see this red box say SAT 11:32. Re now sitting at the base of the mountain on a small cliff with the cable car in front of you, but the cable is broken. You might be trapped in a movie for all you know. You remember when you were in middle school and you spent all day in the basement. Ve only seen the movie for one reason. You figure maybe you would be better off from the movie if you saw it in its full glory today.

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