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Tattooing them would be more expensive and the colors theyre usually in is more than youre going for. Its up to you as to whether youre going to stick with those or go with the cheap way out of tacking on more unnecessary things that wont get worn anytime and that wont even tempt the eye. Youd prefer the latter as its much faster, cheaper, and isnt any excuse as to not wear it. Youre not too sure, but youre going to go with the cheaper way out. You go with the Tattooed Eyebrow GuyWell if going to the cheapest solution is so good for you, then you better stick with it. Youre going to be the first one here after all so you have to make the most of what you got in this world. You make a note that the person who offered to tattoo you is in the back and head down to the front for that free coffee. Once youre seated, you notice you get a lot of stares from people in front as you look around. You get a lot of stares because youre new to this, but you make the best of it. The baristas eyes light up and his voice gets a little louder. Oh, hi, yeah thats my sisters name and here she is. He takes a mug out from under his paper cup and takes a sip from the cup. The barista smiles and gives you a hug before heading back to working on his computer. Suddenly a young man in a tattered dress shirt and a tie walks in with a small stack of bills from an old black checked wallet. He looks at you and shakes his head, giving a slight bow before walking out. You notice he was wearing a hat with a similar crown on top. Well it looks like its just the two of you. You head to the end of the counter and sit down for your first coffee. You have to get it first though and you dont want to take up too much of the cashiers time. As you stare into the coffee to focus on the drink, you notice that it doesnt taste like coffee. You take a bite out of itYou take a bite out of it.

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