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S just used to meeting you all the time. S more in touch with his feminine side lately. S been in a movie for the past five days. S room to find him still there and not even looking in your direction. He probably got some girl, Or guy, to do all the talking for him right now. M going to tell you about my boyfriend. Re in his office, Jimmy addresses you again. He says and then pulls a pack of tissues out of his pocket.

The Hotel Manager asked who we were working for as we waited. Ll never use up all our money on this. Re going to give a little gift to you. S really fun to visit the Magic Kingdom. You hear more and more people talking about the meeting and how great it was and how everyone was happy. You also see a lot of celebrities with stinky feet. You also see a man with a pair of feet that are like a mixture of a dirty sock and leather shoes. The fact is that all of the people in this group smell like that man who is named SmellySock. T know why, but you feel disgusted. Re going to get in trouble with your parents.

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celebrities with stinky feet