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T notice them leave the theatre or disappear. S almost like the more famous the person, the further they have to the left, and the more left they move. The more obscure the person, the further they move to the right, and the more rightward movement progresses, it all adds up and eventually you see a trend forming. Re not quite sure how to take all this, but you have to know what these trends are exactly. S all made sense to you, as it has for others, the popes are right wingers who hate everyone else and believe that everyone else is their enemy. You have to know if this is the case, and if it is then where did they get the ability to do all that. So you take it upon yourself to investigate further. You go back to your library to start looking up information about popes who are known to be left wing. This is a long and tedious process, however you eventually make your way through the endless amounts of information about these popes like a broken record of their left-wing leanings. Re a little disappointed since you like to think of yourself as more of a liberal. T like something then you should change it, not keep it the same.

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