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Snapchats most popular feature, it alsos one of the most effective. You can instantly send a screenshot, but snap a screen shot as well. Plus you can send a photo to friends of any size or format. This feature makes it as easy to get snapchats with the celebs you care about the most as it is to snap a photo with them. Just upload a picture of yourself and start sending a few. You dont know if snapchats popularity is due to popularity, jealousy, or a mixture of all three. Its obvious snapchat has been hugely influential in how people are socializing and in how they keep in touch with their loved ones. Snapchats popularity is on the rise even in countries where its not as popular. People everywhere are sharing photos, videos and stories like never before. A popular video on the site, that you watched on a recent trip to NYC. Shows a group of three young women talking about some past incident that had occurred between them. One of them had mentioned an event she had been at which involved the same party. The conversation goes along this line, so you decide to send them a screenshot of the conversation. A few minutes later you get a snapchat notification from one of the women asking if you want to add her to a group where she can talk about a different, but similar event. Its not just social activities that have been affected, but the way people are using their computers. As you write this, a recent report shows that in the past month theres been a 30 increase in PC usage thats being attributed to social media. If this data holds up, 2015 will be the largest year for social media since 2010. You need to start sending snaps to celebsIts too good an opportunity not to take advantage of. Youre not a genius when it comes to the internet and dont have a social life. Youre also a little lazy when it comes to chatting with people you dont know. You could spend your free time browsing the internet, reading, or doing something else productive. You have a smartphone, but you dont use Snapchat. Even if you could, you dont want to risk putting yourself at risk of getting a cyber stalker. You cant take the chance that snapping a pic or a video of a celeb could be the worst thing that could happen in your life. Besides, its not like you really know anyone who uses snapchat. You figure you might as well try it out to impress a girl. You install snapchat and start uploading pictures of the people you like to your phone. You cant remember everyone youve ever shown your snapchat screen to, but you have a good idea. You find one name that strikes a cord.

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