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Malls are full of photographers, and theyre not always happy about this. But there are solutions, and one of them is for the amateur to get involved in the process of a photograhic.

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And, if you cant do anything else on that sunny day, then go to the local photographers office and talk to them. Get their thoughts on whats going on in the industry and what they are doing to make a living.The number of Chinese nationals living in the UK has soared to 915,000 from fewer than 300,000 only 20 years ago, according to official figures on Monday.

The figures from the Office for National Statistics show the number of Chinese nationals living here rose by almost 50% between 1999 and 2010.

The growth in the number of Chinese living here has accelerated since Chinese nationals have been allowed to work in the UK.

The figures are particularly notable given the UK has cut its own net migration target to tens of thousands from tens of thousands for the past five years.

A spokesman for the Home Office said that for the decade to 2010 the number of Chinese migrants in the UK was higher than for any other nationality.

The number of Chinese migrants has increased substantially over the decade-long period from 486,000 in 1999/2000 to nearly 915,000 in 2010/11, he said.

There has been more than a 60% growth in the number of Chinese in the UK between 1999 and 2010, from more than 300,000 to just over 915,000.

The number of Chinese people in the UK working in the NHS, defence services, and other sectors has more than doubled to over 400,000 over the past decade.

China remains among the poorest countries in the world in terms of literacy rates, poverty and income levels, and has a large migrant population.

Many Chinese nationals who first came to the UK in 1999 still remain in the country, and are still eligible for many benefits and allowances. celebrities with small packages

celebrities with small packages