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The first time the name Michael was mentioned on the news, it was in passing. Michael Dorn played the character of William Adama on TV since the show first started airing, but over time he got a little too familiar. Dorn explained to me that Michael had been with him on set for almost a decade and had become his sister. The pair have remained very good friends even though at one point Dorn decided hed rather not do another season of DS9. I tried to reason with him as hard as I could and keep him at the table, but then the show went more into comedy and thats something else I dont like to do so much. I kept on arguing that it wasnt so bad, but he couldnt see it. Dorn went on to say that he couldnt deny the wishy-washiness of Michael and that in the end he had to give in to his desires. Its impossible to change someone that close to you in that way. In 2005, when Michael first appeared on the show, the name Michael came up because he had been around as a child actor. He did something on the show that I was really angry about. I made a comment that he looked familiar to me. I went and I looked him up and he seemed pretty young. But looking at him then, I realized he was over 20 when I was that age and I never saw him again. Dorn didnt remember seeing him in an episode prior to his appearance and when I asked him about it, he said he actually had actually been working on other projects at the time and had been out of the loop as far as seeing a lot of his co-stars. I asked if Michael ever apologized and he laughed a bit. It would go No because hes not a man who will ever apologize. I was surprised to learn that Michael had actually only done a couple of commercials. He did it when it was all the rage on TV in the 80s. I think its a sign of his insecurity because I think he never knew how to do it himself and I remember we had a shot where I pretended like I was blowing away a car with the plasma cutter. He didnt know how to do that and he had to say, Ill bet you I got it from the hospital. So Michael is now working in a high-powered job and is married to another actress.

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