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I personally think short hair is an extremely hot look. But I realize that my opinion is not a universal one. Re in one of those groups above, let me know in the comments, because this is about YOU, not me. T have the whole head shaved or go completely bald. M pretty flexible when it comes to my rules. M going to say look at that, and tell me, would you consider that a woman who had long hair and wore tight fitting clothing was more feminine than a woman with short hair and wore baggy clothing. M sure everyone who does will be wearing baggy clothes. Okay, well can we rule that out too. Like are shorts and tank tops off limits. Okay, so what about skirts, dresses and dresses and skirts. You know those things we girls wear to cover up in the summer. Ll just cover our naughty bits with clothes. M gonna make is shorts must cover everything. S tighter and tighter and tighter and you gotta.

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celebrities with short hair 2016