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But, of course its not, theres no conspiracy at all. Theres only one male-majority state that has the same anti-female system. And its the state of Texas which has the most women of any state in the country. Let me repeat: Texas has the most women in its state, more women than any other state. And it has the largest population of women of any state in the country. And it also has the worst anti-woman law of any state in the country, just to prove how bad the laws in Texas are. No one could possibly think that women here would be better off if women were not allowed to vote in state elections. Texas passed the states anti-abortion law in 1973 in a way that made it almost impossible for women to get an abortion. Women were required to get their doctors permission to have an abortion in Texas. The doctors often refused in order to not have to deal with the bureaucratic and time-consuming hassle of making the formal request to the health department. The result in many counties, especially in Houston and many rural areas, was that women were forced to travel long distances to obtain an abortion. Its illegal in Texas to knowingly perform an abortion on a pregnant woman even if she is the victim of rape or incest. When a woman who is the victim of rape seeks an abortion, she has to prove that she is not a minor because a minor under 19 years old cannot legally obtain an abortion without the consent of her parents. The result in Harris County, which contains Dallas, is that the procedure is extremely difficult to obtain, and many women dont even know about it. One woman in Harris County who tried to get an abortion.

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