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Id: fb-root,title: The Facebook Account That Was Hacked By Russian Hackers,object: fb-root,created: 2017-05-15T17:31:11. We can only imagine what they must be thinking when someone tries to blackmail them through public social media. A few more details on who is affected:blockquote class-twitter-tweet lang-enThe NFL and the PGA have both confirmed that they are investigating the hack, with the NFL saying it is aware of the situation. Blockquoteblockquote class-twitter-tweet lang-enA statement from the PGA was released:In the past week, the PGA Tour has learned that an email account belonging to a PGA Professional also was hacked. We are investigating the matter which may include the possibility of criminal charges. The PGA Tour takes the security of its players and families extremely seriously. We will do everything necessary to protect the interests of our players and protect our PGA Tour. We will provide every resource requested by law enforcement to assist with their investigations. Blockquoteblockquote class-twitter-tweet lang-enAt this time, the account used to post the alleged blackmail photos belonged to a male. The alleged victim is a female and did not want to be identified. She claims that she has never met the individual using the facebook. I know of one group of people, maybe a lot more, who actually believe that their personal choices, choices that they make, influence the behavior of others. In fact, they believe that being a feminist or gay or whatever you want to call it means that you are trying to shape and mold the behavior of others to conform to your own views and values. When I first started blogging back in 2008, it was because I was trying to be an advocate for free thought and the freedom of expression. Id had enough of the censorship and the self-censorship, the You dont say that; its a hate crime.

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celebrities with scoliosis