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Thedirtycaleb Great Destroyers first attack on the Nalin Republic has been repelled, but not without cost. General Farragut has been killed and a large part of the Nalin army has been wiped out. A few brave souls managed to escape, though they must have done so with little equipment and without hope. The Imperial Fleet is a shadow of its former self, the losses being so great to the Empire that it has suffered a permanent decline in military might and strength. Your forces have sustained severe losses as well, many of them being lost with precious few replacements to help pick them back up. The Republic has lost the majority of its navy and the bulk of its armies, though it has managed to hold the line at the city gates, but these losses cant be put up without volunteers. The Nalin citizens have lost many soldiers in this war and have not recovered for it. Most of the citizens of Nalin are poor and without work, and have been for many years, but they will all volunteer to fight for their freedom, they have nothing left to lose by doing so. You send in helpNalin citizens have already lost the most in this war, and you would be failing them by not sending any help. You send in 1 volunteer to help out, a young man who has little experience in such matters but is eager to fight. They are successful and you gain nothing by it, however, they gain the Nalin Citizens respect and are now known as the Crimson Hand. My lord the Emperor, I must leave now says the priestess. To attend some of my brothers games or whatever you say. For defending the sanctity of the sacred space you occupyI see now that you have no intention of being an obedient servant. So sad that the Church has lost a true believer like yourself. However, I guess I have made a pact with fate and am going to die. You continueAs you turn to leave the Temple of Dorna, you see a young, handsome and well dressed man. He looks at you, his mouth slightly agape but with no visible expression on his face. It would appear that he understands you and you see that he is smiling. In the past you would have thought him a spy or traitor, but now he is more curious than.

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